Friends of Jesus
Jesus Yesterday, Today and Forever

The Association of Friends of Jesus (FOJ), is a charism prayer group, involved in evangelization and social outreach.

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 M E E T I N G     T I M E S

7:00PM - 8:45PM

(After the evening mass)
Venue: SSPJ Old Church Building

*In-person meetings are suspended due to COVID-19

Rock Formations

Who Are We?

History: FOJ was founded by Late Rev Fr. Patrick Adegbite, the St Paul of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, due to his style of evangelization, which saw to the birth of many parishes in the Archdiocese.

Vision of FOJ:  To save souls for Christ, by bringing them to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ through prayers and growing their faith, through the scriptures and teachings of the Church.

Spirituality: The spirituality of the Friends of Jesus Association (FOJ), is to help people discover their charism or God given gifts and exercise them to the glory of God and for the growth of the Catholic Church.

Late Rev. Father Patrick Adegbite
Founder, Association Of Friends Of Jesus