Sisters United In Christ, Body and Soul

CSU uses prayers, bible sharing, talks and retreats to inculcate a spirit of selfless service / sisterhood and foster spiritual growth among single and married catholic females between the ages of 25 and 45.

At SSPJ Parish, CSU cares for widows (Jesus' wives). We provide food items, financial support business endeavors and periodically fund welfare cases.

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 M E E T I N G     T I M E S

Every Saturday
9:00 AM
Venue: Beside the SSPJ Old Church Building

*In-person meetings are suspended due to COVID-19

White Feather

Who Are We?

1. We Are Spiritual: We organize prayers, retreats, recollections, novenas and Blessed Sacrament Adoration for the spiritual growth of our members and the Church.

2. We Are Charitable: We visit, evangelize, pray with, feed, pay school fees for, throw parties and provide gifts for the needy and less privileged in our society.

3. We Engage: We engage in direct services to our parish. We run snack stands, care for the widows, run Bible evangelism, scholarship schemes, cleaning of the church, support harvest activities and execute other assignments given to us by the Church leadership.

4. We Are Social: We organize Love Feasts to unwind.

5. We Care and We Are Realistic

We are there for you in good times and rough times.

We are realistic -we have an investment platform, group life insurance and we run a cooperative society. 


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